Refractory Bio-Soluble Fiber Board

Refractory Bio-Soluble Fiber Board
About the product
Buy Refractory Bio-Soluble Fiber Board from Super Refractory Fiber Manufacturer, perfect insulation materials, excellent tenacity, easy to cut.
Made from Alert Bio-soluble blown fiber bulk with inorganic and suitable organic binders through vacuum molding, our Super Bio-soluble Fiber Felt is a new developed product for many kinds of high temperature applications. Also, it can be used under the temperature of 1100℃, and satisfying the Europe Directive 97/69/EC.

* Smooth surface, accurate size, even density.
* High resistance to press and wind corrosion.
* Excellent thermal and chemical stability.
* Excellent tenacity, easy to cut.
* Low heat storage, low thermal conductivity, low, shrinkage, excellent insulation effect.
* Good erosion resistance.
* Easy application, can be used in direct contact with flame.
* The classification temperature: 1050℃, 1260℃.

* Back-up lining material of high temperature industry furnace.
* Hot-face lining of ceramic kiln, heat treatment furnace and other industry kilns.
* Back-up insulation for castable, brick and monolithic refractory.
* Barrier again heat or flame.
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