Automobile Premium Engine Oil Filter

About the product
Premium Engine Oil Filter-90915-YZZE1

The oil filter maintains continuous oil flow and removes particles (dirt, oxidized oil, metallic particles) that may appear in the motor oil due to engine wear. It purifies the motor oil so that it can do its job efficiently. An oil filter has enough contaminant holding capacity to remain fully functional until the next oil change.

Our Product Features:

1) Sure Grip features for easy installation and removal.

2) 6,000 Kilometers long distance covers with synthetic, semi-synthetic and conventional oils.

3) Rigorously tested for efficiency, capacity and burst

4) Strength Made up of premium quality material component

5) Engineered for easy installation and removal

6) Broad range to cover both Asian and European domestic vehicles

7) Extensive pressure and temperatures resistance

8) Guaranteed OEM quality filters
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