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An MBA in marketing with a B.Sc in Textile Engineering, working
knowledge of Apparel Merchandising, and 10 years experience in
production & development Merchandising seeks the role of
Management to provide thought leadership and
implement best practices.
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I am Abdul Kader Pathan,living in Dhaka,i was in Germany last eleven years and this year in 13th february i came back and want to do some works in my country and now i am seeking for a job.
Actually i am quiete good looking and handsome and confidence and thats why i want to come out through your channel with doing lots of different activities that i wish and believe though.

I want to start with news reading and then i could be able to show out more for sure.
If you like to give me a chance it will be awesome.
Please let me know if i can have an interview will be great.
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Dear honourable sir I am MD Mehedi Hasan. I am from a poor family.I deeply need a job for support my family. Please kindly give me a job in your company.I am a civil engineer diploma completed but not bsc.if you give me a chance then I will try my best performance ..please sir help me please..I am deeply waiting for your confirmation..please wishes for you.For confirmation my phone number is -01991026922.
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I want to buildup my career in a challenging and responsible position with a well-reputed organization that will enhance my HR & Admin and Leadership skills. So I can develop myself further in Admin in which I already have a strong command. Through efficient managerial skills and teamwork, I want to increase my organization's value in our society.
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I have five years of experience working with hot water heating systems and both high and low pressure steam boilers. I completely understand the importance of this job and the amount of responsibility it involves. I am familiar with working around hazardous materials and I understand the risks associated with this job.

I have experience performing general maintenance tasks such as replacing gauges, valves and filters along with the ability to service the equipment and to make adjustments manually when needed. I know how to keep the water and chemicals in the boilers balanced to prevent corrosive deposits from occurring and causing damage.

I have excellent communications skills with the ability to keep accurate records of all work performed. I can also maintain an accurate data log. I am able to meet the physical requirements of this job and I understand the importance of following all safety procedures at all times. As a result, I have the ability to maintain a safe work environment even in these hazardous conditions.

I am confident that I am qualified to hold this position based on my past experience and I am sure that after reviewing my resume, you will agree that I am a top candidate for this job.


Shahadat hossain

Contact no, +8801814314297
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I am looking for a job. In desperation, as my mother has been diagnosed with BPD - II and my father has Parkinson's. I am black belt holder in street fights, even though i am more coward than a guinea pig. I have a personality of a leech. Otherwise, i am very flexible
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Completed Bachelor of Science in Nursing (04 Years) & Masters of Clinical Social Work (CSW) & Master of Science in Nursing (Nursing Management) at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Sir i am looking forward to work in any structure constitution. If given chance i would like to prove my ability to work individually as well as a team and give my best.

I hereby declare that all the above information are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
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I am looking Apparel job in merchandiser.
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To discover myself with in better environment that will take advantage of my educational
experience and enthusiasm and offer me a good and honest life to lead. Determined to day by day
progression of carrier as well as my working place.
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I am looking for an opportunity
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I am looking for some online jobs like part time jobs for teaching english medium school students from class 3 to class 9 any subject except mathametics.
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To work in a Challenging position with an Organization that provides many Opportunities to learn and contributes.
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I am looking for translation jobs.
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